The case for Warre and Top Bar beehives

It started with a question…

A certain topic has been brought to my attention on many occasions recently.  After speaking to people at stalls, via email, on the telephone and face to face, this topic has continued to arise and it now needs to get out of my head. This topic can be controversial, which has led to some interesting, open minded and sometimes heated conversat [...]

Talking about all things natural to T...

Talking about all things natural to Teifiside Beekeepers Recently I was asked to attend the Teifiside Beekeepers Association as a guest speaker to talk about Natural Beekeeping and using the Warre beehive.  It was decided to make a full weekend of it so we spent our time based out of a Yurt over looking Cardigan Bay during a weekend of  what the best West Wales coastal wind could throw at us. On S [...]

Newbees found in the run up to Christ...

Newbees found in the run up to Christmas In the run up to the Festive period, we took our Warre Beehives to various Christmas Markets throughout the South Wales and English Border area, from Swansea through to Lydney.  A wonderful time was had speaking with all sorts of people, topics mainly included:  talking about Honey bees, Bee hives, trying to identify what bees they had living [...]

Here is one way to make wax starter s...

This summer I had a little visit from the Bee inspector, we spent a lovely hour or so going through our hives, both National and Warre Beehives.  On looking at the Warre hive it became apparent that there was “cross comb”.  This means that the lovely ladies have built their comb across many of the top bars.  This made a thorough i [...]


Its been a little while since I wrote a blog, a combination of an extended kayaking trip around Scotland and the weather means I have been waiting to see what happens, waiting for Spring to start. I have a bait hive up and ready (Most important is for your bait hive to be off the ground, between 6’ & 10’) but have not added any additional [...]


All the bees are doing well in our apiaries. This winter I have only fed one bee hive that was a late swarm in August last year and needed a slight help. Our policy is to avoid feeding. If you are new to beekeeping now is the time to start gathering equipment and if you’re going to populate your new hive with a nucleus of bees these should no [...]

Beekeeping Preparations for Spring 20...

Now is the time for the natural beekeeper to prepare his or her beekeeping equipment for the bee season ahead. Apart from ensuring all your beehives are clean and sturdy, enough top bars and waxed, it’s also the time to consider if you wish to expand your apiary. The options for additional bee colonies are- Swarm, bait hive or purchase a nucl [...]

2013 Happy New Year Natural Beekeeper...

Here in Cornwall it’s a suddenly a bit like Spring. The bees are out flying, actively flying; it’s about 13 deg C here locally. (Sunday 6th January 2013) Nice as it is, I feel this is a bit confusing for the bees. Last year (2012) I took no honey off the hives at all. Now viewing through the inspection window of what I call my bench mark Warr [...]

Christmas Gifts for Beekeepers

The most popular beekeeping Christmas stocking fillers for the Natural Beekeeper are: Topbars Cedar with central groove. Approx 318 x 25 x 10mm Sold in packs of 8 off. Price £7.50 plus £2.25 postage Castellated Topbar Position Holder   Sold as 4 off pairs Price £12.00 plus £3.75 Please see our shopping page or call if buying multiple goods (t [...]

Bee Update- Pre Christmas 2012

Are your Warre beehives ready for winter? Ideally when viewing honey stores through the inspection window / hefting you should see 8 top bars full of stores which should equate to approx. 12kg in stores weight. This I would consider to be a minimum stores quantity. Also you should now have in place your mouse guards. Please do inspect these a [...]