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Introduction to Natural Beekeeping courses in 2018:

Saturday 18th August 2018, Buslingthorpe, Lincolnshire,
Sunday 30th September 2018, Buslingthorpe, Lincolnshire,

Life with the Warre beehive in 2018:

Sunday 19th August 2018, Buslingthorpe, Lincolnshire,

Introduction to Natural Beekeeping

If you are interested in attending, then please get in touch mentioning “Introduction to Natural Beekeeping”  We will be sending out more details to all those people on the list very soon…

Course Title:

Introduction to Natural Beekeeping

Suitable for:

Beginners, or just wanting to find out more about natural beekeeping / being a bee guardian.


  • What is Natural Beekeeping
  • Life cycle of a honey bee colony- Spring, summer, over-wintering
  • Natural beehive choices and beekeeping equipment
  • Where to position your beehive; setting up your beehive
  • Sourcing bees- Nucleus, bait hive or swarm
  • Putting the bees into your hive
  • Expanding your beehive as the honey bee colony grow during the spring and summer
  • Monitoring your bees behaviour at the hive entrance and on their landing board rather than internal inspection of the beehive
  • Bee diseases
  • Harvesting only the truly excess honey
  • Preparing your natural beehive for winter
  • Any questions

Life with the Warre Beehive

If you are interested in attending, then please get in touch mentioning “Life with the Warre Beehive”  We will be sending out more details to all those people on the list very soon…

Course Title:

Life with the Warre beehive

Suitable for:

Beginners who intend on using the Warre beehive.  It is advised to have some knowledge of the Life cycle of the Honey bee prior to this course as it will not be covered in this course (It is covered fully in our Introduction to Natural Beekeeping course).


  • Why the Warre beehive
  • What equipment do we need?
  • Where to position your Warre beehive
  • Where do we get Honey Bees from?
  • How to populate your Warre beehive
  • Through a season with the Warre beehive
  • Help with removing Honey and Wax
  • Threats, pests and diseases

Where are our courses held:

We are located in Lincolnshire.  Please call or email and let us know when you are visiting this beautiful part of the country and we will ensure you can attend a course.

They all take place around the kitchen table and the living room, we will also visit one of our apiary’s (Weather permitting) but only to view the bees through their beehive inspection window. The Natural beekeeper methodology is of minimal interference.

If you want to know more about natural beekeeping, please do get in touch with us.

We like to keep numbers for each course session to about six people max.

Please ask as many questions as you need, no question is a silly question, all experts were once a beginner.

How much does it cost?

It cost £50.00 per person on an individual basis, but if you have a group in mind albeit a family, work group, charity, school, then we can come to an arrangement.

Our courses will involve spending the day with us from 09.30am – 4pm (approximately) with as much tea, coffee, water as you like along with some very nice biscuits, however, I must add that we also like biscuits so save some for us, please.

You should bring your own lunch and be prompt in arrival so we can start on time, as there is a lot of talking involved with open discussions.

We recently received the following testimonial for one of our courses:

Hi David

Just thought I would drop a note to say thank you for your time last week.  I certainly learned a lot and think that I know the way I wish to progress keeping bees.

I will be in touch letting you know my progress.

Best wishes and thanks again

Kate, South Wales

Please telephone on 07824 566655 or fill in your details below to book your exclusive introduction to natural beekeeping

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