Natural Beekeeping and Beehives

If you’re considering beekeeping then you will be about to or have spent many months reading the internet to gain the confidence to house your own bees.   The conclusion many newcomers and in fact a growing number of traditional beekeepers are reaching is natural beekeeping is the way forward for a sustainable healthy bee population.

The Warre beehive and the Top Bar Horizontal beehive are endorsed by several experts, in particular Heidi Herrmann, David Heaf and Phil Chandler as the more natural hive choices.  Their deliberate hands off natural beekeeping methodology making it suitable for a new generation of beekeepers; smallholders, gardeners, busy city commuters, second home owners, those who are time poor and anyone with a good sized garden that can have an area set aside for the bees.

2011 Natural Beekeeping Conference - Phil Chandler

2011 Natural Beekeeping Conference - David Heaf

Therefore, as we are following a similar path, please share in the joys of natural beekeeping with us – Ask us questions, call for reassurance, check what equipment is required, obtain your own Warre hive.

Our blog tells our story.  Please use this website for reference and don’t forget our Natural Beekeeping Helpline – just pick up the telephone – it has saved the day many times I have been told.  We are here to help.