The Warre Beehive

Built to the original Warre Beehive dimensions, Our beautiful Warre bee hives are made from Western Red Cedar and supplied fully assembled.

Details – Your hive boxes are fastened with stainless steel screws throughout, rather than nails. This ensures your boxes remain tightly butted as they naturally weather.

Materials – Only Western Red Cedar sourced locally is used, which means that local people are employed in local businesses, therefore all of my Western Red Cedar travels no more than 50 miles from woodland to workshop.

After sales support – For successful and enjoyable beekeeping, the purchase of your beehive includes our correspondence and Natural Beekeeping course.

Also benefit from our Telephone Helpline – Ask questions about the Warre beehive / beekeeping.  You might be in your garden about to transfer your first swarm or nucleus of bees into your hive, adding / nadired an additional hive box, or simply observing your bees’ behaviour.  Any questions just pick up the telephone and call the Natural Beekeeping Telephone Helpline.

Let us help you enjoy your beekeeping and keeping your bees happy.

A four windowed Warre hive

Warre Beehive Product description –

1 x Warre beehive roof

1 x Quilt (Insulation box) with insulation provided (Wood shavings from your hive)

1 x Top Bar cloth (Hessian)

4 x boxes. with different options of windowed boxes

8 x grooved top bars in each box. They locate accurately and securely onto castellated spaces within each box

2 x Entrance Reducers

1 x Warre solid floor and landing board

Please contact us for delivery dates before ordering…  For ordering and selecting a beehive to your choice, please visit our Products Page

We accept bank transfers and cheques.  If you have any pre-order questions, please telephone or email us.

Many thanks for choosing a Natural-Beekeeping Warre beehive.

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