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Hello… My name is Ian and I am the very proud owner of www.natural-beekeeping.co.uk

I think it’s best to leave David and Melanie’s About Us section below, as it covers their early chapters for getting involved in beekeeping.  It was them who created this little space on the internet, and created the beautiful Warré hive that caught my attention in the first place, and I wish to recognise and appreciate them for their hard work.

So what’s new in the About Us story?  Well the next chapter goes a little something like this…

My name is Ian and I got involved in beekeeping in 2009.  After much persuasion, I agreed to attend a beekeeping course in my local area.  Here my senses were opened to a fascinating world of bees, fantastic smells, and what can only be described as awe inspiring spectacles.

The excitement of getting to personally know Honey Bees has never faulted me, the want of more knowledge has never left my side and the personal development that I have achieved through the medium of Honey Bees has been transformational. I have provided our Honey Bees with a home ever since.

In 2011, I decided to create a business building bee hives, the National bee hive in particular.  This took up a huge part of my life whilst in the development stage and finally my hard work came into fruition in 2012 when the website went live named GlastonBees

My beekeeping life orientated around the National Bee hive along with the traditional methods for beekeeping, but something was irritating me, there was something missing and it took me a long time to figure out what that was.  Some of the practices carried out, or the way in which some Honey bees were treated, was not to my satisfaction.

It took until 2012 and a conversation I was having with a good friend of mine, where we touched upon Natural Beekeeping.  After many an hour researching videos, websites and books, certain ideas were coming together for me to step into Natural Beekeeping.

During a visit to Cornwall in 2012, on our final stop before we returned home, we met David from natural-beekeeping.co.uk.  What a wonderful man.  After several wonderful hours of talking, laughter and a few cups of tea we ventured our way back home.  This led to interesting conversations on our return journey home from the very bottom of Cornwall back to South Wales, with the decision that natural beekeeping is the way forward for me and has been ever since.

In 2013, David and I were talking when an offer came my way to take the lead in natural-beekeeping.  This, was a fantastic offer for GlastonBees and it was a fantastic offer for me, after some decision making, plans were set in motion.

On Sunday the 29th September 2013  I took over the management of natural-beekeeping.co.uk  I am looking forward to continuing the fantastic start that David and Melanie introduced to the natural beekeeping world through their development of this site.  There will be a few changes taking place on this website but rather than replace it, is my intention to extend to new chapters in the natural-beekeeping.co.uk story.

Best Wishes



Melanie and I have been talking about keeping bees for several years, in fact right from when we first met.

This happened because Melanie had a historical book referencing honey bees with that distinctive old library storage smell to it on her kitchen table. I wanted to impress as you do when dating, I was therefore interested in bees!

Somehow beekeeping draw me in and I actually started reading more and more for my own interest, at this stage I was confident Melanie had fallen for my charm!

I never thought I would be a beekeeper; I don’t come from farming, small holding or a country background, I am Mr Suburbia I suppose.

What has amazed me about the bees or beekeeping is how little we really know. Originally I wanted to see the classic WBC hive decorating our garden; I did not have any idea or agenda relating to bee practices or bee population health.

Thankfully my in-depth reading whilst travelling extensively for my new job, international sales manager for an industrial pumping equipment manufacture gave me the airport, and plane reading time to discover what seems to be rudimentary, common sense, and sensitive to the bees requirements, that being natural beekeeping!

Thankfully I am now doing a lot, lot less air miles and in time might even be able to claim to be green!

Melanie and I decided on the Warre beehive and its methodology as our natural beekeeping approach. The facts that feral bee colonies survive in the wild without chemical cure intervention for modern hive diseases such as the Varroa mite is a big message to the bee world that we need to understand better and respect more.

For example, the average temperature within a Warre beehive is approx 1 deg above that which the Varrao mite will not reproduce at. Warre beehive colonies will survive, adapting, keeping the mite population under control without intervention. There is no scientific proof for or against; there simply has been no in-depth research!

More beekeepers new and experienced need to adopt natural beekeeping. The more popular Warre beekeeping becomes, interested associations, government and research bodies will be obliged to respond to popular demand and this website is all about encouraging  Natural Beekeeping and thus preventing any further decline in numbers of the UK honey bee.

Please do feel free to express your comments on our blog. Plus, if you have one of our Warre hives, and adopt natural-beekeeping please use your order membership number to contact us direct, ask questions, seek reassurance or ask advice on any of your beekeeping needs.

Many thanks for helping the UK honey bee.

Melanie and David