Talking about all things natural to Teifiside Beekeepers

Talking with the Teifiside Beekeepers

Recently I was asked to attend the Teifiside Beekeepers Association as a guest speaker to talk about Natural Beekeeping and using the Warre beehive.  It was decided to make a full weekend of it so we spent our time based out of a Yurt over looking Cardigan Bay during a weekend of  what the best West Wales coastal wind could throw at us.

On Sunday 2nd February we travelled to Coed-y-Bryn near Llandysul and Newcastle Emlyn and arrived early in preparation for the talk.

The welcome we received upon our arrival was wonderful, helpful, friendly and were offered tea and home-made cake (always a winner for me).

So to the reason for why I was asked to be there.  Some of the members of the Teifiside Beekeepers wished to explore some alternative beehives to show the many ways that people provide homes to Honey bees.  They had done their research well and took it in turns to provide short presentations themselves on using the Rose hive, Warre hive, Horizontal Top bar hive and briefly touching into Sustainable beekeeping.  After their presentations and a short tea and cake stop it was time for me to step to the front of the room.

Talking with the Teifiside Beekeepers

My talk was tailored to how we can all keep Honey bees more naturally regardless of hive choice and by giving a full demonstration of the Warre beehive that I produce.

After explaining my previous history in both the conventional and natural beekeeping worlds, I wanted to talk about natural comb, use of foundation and how to check on the condition of your colony by utilising your senses without disturbing them.  The audience was ever so attentive and were a pleasure to talk to.

Time went by so quickly, 1 hour and 15 mins later I had finished, it is always a joy to talk about topics that I am so passionate about.  After some questions it was time to get going, so after saying thank you and goodbye to as many people as I could it was time for our return journey home.

I wish to say a big thank you to not only the Teifiside Beekeepers, but also to the people we met in West Wales for a friendly, fun and wonderful short break and not forgetting the opportunity to talk about Honey bees.