Newbees found in the run up to Christmas

In the run up to the Festive period, we took our Warre Beehives to various Christmas Markets throughout the South Wales and English Border area, from Swansea through to Lydney.  A wonderful time was had speaking with all sorts of people, topics mainly included:  talking about Honey bees, Bee hives, trying to identify what bees they had living in their shed over the summer and how they would like to help.

This led to a surge of people who put their names down to attend one of our courses.  Once the festive market chaos was over, it was time to turn to our courses.  Due to the overwhelming lists we have facilitated full day workshops on the 18th January and 25th January.

Warre Beehive workshops

These workshops have been attended by such wonderful inquisitive people.  Our time was spent teaching a Beginners level on using the Warre Beehive to provide a home to some lovely little Honey bees.

So after lots of talking, answering questions and demonstrations, we have more people with the knowledge ready to start caring for a colony of their own.

Good luck to you all


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