Here is one way to make wax starter strips for top bars

This summer I had a little visit from the Bee inspector, we spent a lovely hour or so going through our hives, both National and Warre Beehives.  On looking at the Warre hive it became apparent that there was “cross comb”.  This means that the lovely ladies have built their comb across many of the top bars.  This made a thorough inspection difficult but the bee inspector made do with what was on offer.

The only advice that was given was to provide the top bars with wax starter strips, to encourage the lovely ladies to built straight comb.  This is only helpful for us humans, if we need to remove the comb for inspection or harvesting.

Personally I thought that the ladies had done a beautiful job which still brings a smile to my face.

Whilst figuring out the easiest way to produce wax starter strips, I came across a video on Youtube which can be found by using the link below

moulding Beeswax starter strips foundations for top bar bee hive – YouTube.

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