Beekeeping Preparations for Spring 2013

Now is the time for the natural beekeeper to prepare his or her beekeeping equipment for the bee season ahead.

Apart from ensuring all your beehives are clean and sturdy, enough top bars and waxed, it’s also the time to consider if you wish to expand your apiary.

The options for additional bee colonies are- Swarm, bait hive or purchase a nucleus. If the latter you need to place your order now, this will ensure your bees arrive as near as possible to the start of the spring nectar flow and have maximum time to build a strong colony for the winter ahead.

Bees should be purchased from a reliable source, and be local to your area. Ask if your local bee breeder will allow the bees to build a nucleus on their natural combs in a Warre box and on Warre top bars. See or as an example of this.

As always any questions do please call our Natural Beekeeping Helpline we are here to help as many natural beekeepers as possible.

Best wishes,