Bee Update- Pre Christmas 2012

Are your Warre beehives ready for winter? Ideally when viewing honey stores through the inspection window / hefting you should see 8 top bars full of stores which should equate to approx. 12kg in stores weight. This I would consider to be a minimum stores quantity.

Also you should now have in place your mouse guards. Please do inspect these as they can become blocked and be a major problem if not cleared.

The configuration of your hive should be two or three boxes high. The deciding factors are the number of boxes you leave on the hive with available stores, plus whether the bottom box is full of comb or only a few bars. If the latter or empty, I remove the bottom box for the winter.

This arrangement means the Warre beehive is compact for the winter, the volume of air to be maintained warm being smaller. Also it eliminates the possibility of partial completed comb in the bottom box becoming mouldy over the winter.

You can actually rotate your Warre bee hive so the top bars / comb run at right angles to the entrance; this further reduces drafts. (I no longer do this as I do not wish to disturb the bees, plus this would not happen in the wild).

If you should have any questions reference your own Warre beehives in terms of judging stores, hive position, requiring new top bars / “New” position strips etc.  please do not hesitate to call.

Best regards,


PS Free delivery for beehives in November, please call. (Tel 01736 785777)