Bee Alert from Phil Chandler

Dear friends,

Whether you are a beekeeper, a conservationist, an ecologist, a food-producer or a parent – please take half an hour to watch this new American video documentary about the global death of honeybees, bumblebees and other pollinators.

This is NOT just about the death of entire bee populations around the world, it is about the potential loss of 30% of our food supply and an all-out assault on the ecosystems of the world: insects, birds, amphibians, bats, fish – everything is threatened by the global distribution of hyper-toxic, neuro-toxic pesticides being applied to over 200 million acres of corn and crops in North America alone.

These systemic neurotoxins are present in just about every single plant of maize, wheat, barley, rice, oilseed rape, peas, beans, potatoes, tomatoes, apples, almonds – you name it.  Hundreds of millions of acres of food crops, lawns and wildflowers now contain neonicotinoids in their pollen, nectar and fruit – which is why bees, bumblebees, butterflies and pollinators are  dying by the billion.  Government knows full well what is going on, as does the pesticide industry; indeed, they have known this since 1985 when they invented neonics; but the sums of money involved are colossal – enough to ‘buy’ government agreement, regulatory surrender – and to silence any critics in the wildlife and beekeeping sectors.

This hard-hitting film lays the blame for this global ecological crisis, firmly on the doorstep of the government regulatory agencies in America and Europe – working in collusion that verges on open conspiracy with the giant pesticide companies.  The film has been produced by Earth Focus in the USA, working closely with PANNA – Pesticide Action Network North America, Beyond Pesticides and a variety of independent beekeepers, notably Tom Theobald and Dave Hackenburg.

The implications of this are staggering; this is the ‘big Tobacco’ story all over again. From the 1960s onwards, independent scientists highlighted cigarette smoking as the cause of tens of millions of cancer deaths, world-wide.  However, ‘Big Tobacco’ fought this analysis successfully for over 20 years and kept the profits rolling in, despite the untold suffering and mass-deaths of millions of people on every continent.  The weapons which they used in that battle were:

  • Disinformation: the spreading of doubt and counter-information
  • Corrupt Science: falsified science studies funded in universities around the globe
  • Government Collusion and the corruption of regulatory agencies

This film documents how, in the case of global bee-deaths, the same techniques are being used to castrate the regulatory watchdogs; to spread false information about the real cause of bee deaths via press, radio and television, and how national beekeeping agencies have been infiltrated, bribed and co-opted to meet the needs of the pesticide companies.

Please watch this crucially important film and forward this to every beekeeper and environmental organisation that you know, via email, Facebook and Twitter.

Many thanks,