Natural Beekeeping Summer 2012

Even for the natural beekeeper, May and June are busy months in the beekeeping calendar.

For each of our natural beekeeping apiaries I have added (Nadiring) an extra Warre bee hive box to each of our hives, (I normally add one box at a time, so the hive space progresses more evenly. You could add two boxes in one go if you wished; this does mean less operations, so there are plus to both Nadiring options). 

I normally carry out the Nadiring operation when I see the natural comb to be about halfway down the Warre bee hive box. Importantly, ensure all new topbars are waxed so the queen and the bees are encouraged to move down the hive.

One of my favourite sights is seeing the bees linking together in a chain to build new comb so opening the cover of one of our Warre bee hive inspection windows is always an exciting moment. (Please only open one inspection window at a time and for a minimum duration as well.)

Other duties are keeping the landing board clear of tall grass. I find placing a paving stone in-front of the hive as well as under, proves to be a good idea.

Finally, many thanks for your calls on the Natural Beekeeping Helpline. Please keep them coming: it is our pleasure to hear of everybody’s progress and be able to provide answers in confidence to your natural beekeeping questions.

Best wishes, David